Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Over the years Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue have helped reunite so many owners with their beloved cats. Many of those who are reunited behind the scenes and not many are published.

We have decided to share some of those success stories with you right here on our website.


May 2015

In May 2015 Six (3 weeks old) kittens came into our rescue after being found in a bin bag and left to die.  Luckily they were discovered by a member of the public who went to investigate a bin bag dumped outside of a bin.

We quickly found a foster carer who could care for the kittens until they were old enough to be rehomed....

Kittens Left For Dead in Bin Bag: News Article



In August 2016 we were contacted be another rescue center in regards to three (5 to 6 weeks old) adorable kittens which had been abandoned on the Sand Dunes in St Annes, Lancashire. The kittens were left in a closed cat carrier without and food or water.

Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue received the call, and we acted quickly in taking the little ones into our rescue where all three kitten were placed with a foster carer for the best possible care.

It's outrageous as to how someone could do this sort of thing to such innocent animals. Had it not been for the eagle eye of a passer by the thought of what might have happened to those three kitten doesn't bear thinking about.

At this moment in time (27/11/2016) two of the little babies are still in need of that one forever loving home... please visit out kittens page to see them both for yourself...

Sand Dune Kittens: News Article


November 2016

In November 2016 we were alerted by staff from Money Traders on Lytham Road, South Shore after a cat wandered into the shop to keep warm.

Members of our team checked the little wanderer to see if he was microchipped. Thankfully this little boy was microchipped and thanks to detective work by our team it was discovered that this little boy had been a great wanderer as his owners were traced and had somehow found his way to Blackpool all the way from the London area.

But the mystery didn't end there.... It was also discovered that this little boy had in fact been missing for nearly three years...

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