Our Rehoming Policy

Our Rehoming Policy

Our  Rehoming Policy

All our cats are neutered, microchipped, de-fleaed and wormed with an exception for kittens (de-fleaed and wormed only) who are to young to be neutered and microchipped. For our older cats (some may or may not already be neutered or microchipped) who are too old to be neutered and microchipped should they have come to our rescue at an already elderly age.

ALL our cats and kittens are vet checked prior to being rehomed and a home check MUST be carried out.


Here at Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue we ask for a donation of £35 per each cat and £40 per each kitten. Each donation goes towards continuing our work so we can give future rescued cats a new life. Any money donations, or help with food, blankets, or cat litter, is greatly appreciated as caring for cats is very expensive.  Medical care is especially expensive with the rising general costs today. Each donation you pay for each cat or kitten can be paid on collection of your new family member.
Our Rehoming Policy is in place to give each cat or kitten the best possible life in their new home.  This policy is not set in stone, and we can make exceptions at times.

Cats and kittens that are not neutered and microchipped because they are too young or for health reasons. It will, therefore, be your responsibility to get your new family member neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We have an agreement for new owners to sign to say they will do this.

Adopting a cat is a lifetime commitment. A cat can live for 20 years and like us can suffer health problems now and again. Make sure you are certain you want to bring a cat into your family. Too often we rescue cats from the streets that people have got fed up with or their circumstances have changed.

Sometimes, someone may choose a cat or kitten we may feel is not suitable for them but there will always be a cat to suit every person or family, and if you don’t like cats, then you haven’t met the right one yet. We will do our best to match the right cat to the right person. As some of our cats come from terrible backgrounds some noises and sudden movements made by very young children can scare them, but some love all the hustle and bustle of a noisy household.

We require that the adopter can financially provide for the cat regarding everyday costs and also veterinary treatment should it be required. Owning any pet can be expensive with food, toys, and medical care.

Each cat has a different personality, background and health history we need to ensure the right cat is adopted by the right family.

Any new cat needs to be kept indoors for a few weeks, for it to adapt to its new owners and environment.  Only once a cat has learned a certain environment is its home, should the cat be allowed outside. Cats that are scared or very timid may need to be kept in one room until they are more confident, gradually being let around the rest of the home.


If you wish to adopt a cat or kitten from us here at Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue, then please feel free to browse through our Adult Cats and Kittens...